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Multifamily Investing Outlook Post-COVID-19, Episode 200

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

The world looks different than it did a few months ago. With COVID-19 forcing many into quarantine and unemployment spiking as a result, there are many concerns on the immediate and ongoing impact for multifamily investors. In addition, the recent civil injustice and resulting protests have added more uncertainty and unrest.

We sat down with Dan Handford, Tony Hardy, and Matt Faircloth to discuss the outlook and opportunities for multifamily investors post-COVID-19. All have been guests on Target Market Insights and shared their perspectives on how multifamily investors should view opportunities going forward.

In this special episode, you will hear how they are adjusting their strategies and underwriting, why they don’t expect steep discounts, the current pricing gap between buyers and sellers, changes in lending requirements, and whether now is the time to sit on the sidelines or get in the game.

Dan Hanford is the managing partner for with $250MM in multifamily assets in North Carolina and South Carolina. He also runs the Multifamily Investor Nation with 26,000 members.

Tony Hardy is a Commercial Real Estate Broker with Marcus Millichamp specializing in multifamily in Chicago and surrounding areas in the Midwest. He is also an advocate for property owners through the Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance and Southside Investors Community Association.

Matt Faircloth leads The DeRosa Group, which renovates residential and commercial properties. He is the author of Raising Private Capital, published by BiggerPockets.

Watch the Webinar:

Key Takeaways:

  • Repercussions of COVID-19 on real estate investing: How it has impacted their portfolios

  • Closing deals during COVID19

  • How working with agencies (Freddie Mac) has changed

  • The changes that are being seen in urban and suburban markets

  • Working with lenders and pairing sellers with buyers

  • The role value add plays in today’s market

  • How tired owners are a golden opportunity

  • Reducing expense profiles

  • Why multifamily investing has not been hit that hard by COVID19

  • Why investors should or should not get into the real estate investing game now

  • The impact of massive job losses on real estate investing

  • Will cap rates change?

  • How to price properties to stay competitive

  • The state of rent checks in the next couple of months

  • How today’s market is affecting 20 - 50 unit sized buildings


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