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Why Giving Up Control is the Key to Freedom with Rob Chiang

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Rob Chiang is the creator of the passive wealth coaching system. He has been managing apartments since the age of 16 and has 25 years of experience with all facets of real estate investing, including but not limited to: rent collection, accounting, maintenance, remodeling, leasing, buying, and selling. Rob Chiang holds a California broker’s license as well as a general contracting license and currently controls $193M in investment property assets and owns $10M worth of Real Estate. He coaches students on how to create passive and generational wealth through his 7-step passive wealth coaching program.

We talked to Rob about the importance of property management, his book “7-Step Blueprint to Passive Wealth”, coaching, and much more!

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[00:01 – 08:48] Opening Segment

  • Rob talks about her background;

  • How she got started at a very young age;

  • He talks about his career in real estate and property management

[08:48 – 12:22] The Seven-Step Blueprint to Passive Wealth

  • Rob walks us through what he actually does today in his business;

  • He explains the “Passive Wealth Coaching System”.

  • He talks about his book and seven steps to passive wealth;

[12:22 – 21:35] Property Management

  • The importance of management;

  • Where Rob stands out from other property managers;

  • What to expect to find in Rob’s book;

  • Why you should delegate;

  • How you can start your real estate business;

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[21:35 – 25:36] Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Failing as a realtor.

Digital Resource: Facebook

Most Recommended Book: Unshakeable

Daily Habit: Exercising

#1 Insight for Investing: You’ve got to be in the game to make money.

Best Place to Grab a Bite in the Bay Area: Benihana

Contact Rob:

To learn more go to Click here to download Rob’s book.

Tweetable Quotes:

“You’ve got to be in the game to make money.’" - Rob Chiang

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