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Getting Directly to Multifamily Owners with Max Fisch

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Max Fisch’s passion for real estate has led to numerous finance jobs, the starting of his own consulting business, and investing in various types of real estate.

He buys, rehabs, and flips properties with a focus on Philadelphia with an average deal size of five hundred thousand dollars plus; his operation is low volume with around 46 rehabs annually but in addition, he does about 25 to 35wholesale transactions each year.

Let’s dive in to learn more about wholesaling, rehab, and the market in the Philadelphia Area.

Listen Here:

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[00:01 – 05:25] Opening Segment

  • Let’s welcome Max Fisch to the show.

  • Max shares some context of his background and his journey.

  • The transition of Max from being a mortgage broker to real estate investing with the opportunity he took.

[05:25 – 11:42] The Philadelphia Market

  • Why is the Philadelphia Market hot at the moment?

  • What has been going on in Philadelphia in terms of real estate?

  • What relates today to what happened in 2008?

    • Should we expect a market crash?

    • What is going to happen with the rates?

    • Is affordability going to be a problem?

  • What are some ways to buy right?

[11:42 – 23:52] What It Takes to Get Direct to Owners and Marketing Strategies

  • Max talks about the differences between getting direct to the seller and the MLS.

  • Cold calling vs. Direct mail

  • Max’s VA company and the processes that they use for cold calling and direct mail.

  • What are some of the challenges that people face when bringing on VAs?

[23:52 – 29:54] The Bullseye Round

  • Apparent Failure: A property that he bought at the very top of the market.

  • Digital Resource: Google Calendar and Todolist

  • Most Recommended Book: Profit First and The Pumpkin Plan

  • Daily Habit: Taking notes of ideas

  • Current Curiosity: Where the market will be in 5 years.

  • I Wish I Knew When I Was Starting Out: That he could push himself harder.

  • Best Place to Grab a Bite: Dalessandro’s Steaks

How to connect with Max:

  • You can connect with Max on Linkedin or via Facebook or Instagram

  • Max’s VA firm

  • Max’s LeadGen firm

Tweetable Quotes:

“I don’t see a repeat of 2008 but anybody who has been through a cycle knows that it doesn’t happen overnight ” –Max Fisch.

“The question is do you want to pay for the opportunity to get a better deal or do you want to have your numbers guaranteed by buying on the MLS because you know what your price is and you know what you are dealing with.” –Max Fisch.

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