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Why 1 in 10 Americans Use Self-Storage with Tom Dunkel

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Tom has a background in corporate finance and over 25 years of real estate and investment experience. He has also specialized in discounted asset opportunities nationwide since 2006. His financial savvy, open communicative manner, and integrity have seen him help alternative investors achieve their wealth-building goals.

We talked to Tom about passive investing, what to look for in an operator as a passive investor, self-storage, and what makes it great.

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[00:01 – 03:57] Opening Segment

  • Tom talks about his background;

  • How he got into real estate from working in corporate;

[03:57 – 11:43] Passive Investing

  • He talks about the challenges he faced when he got into real estate in 2006;

  • Why real estate is easy to buy and harder to operate;

  • The approach you need to take when investing passively;

  • What to look for in an operator as a passive investor;

[11:43 – 27:05] Self-Storage

  • REITs, funds vs investing directly into a property;

  • The self-storage market

  • What made self-storage consistent throughout the years;

  • What to look for in a market for self-storage;

  • What markets to invest in for self-storage;

  • How to manage self-storage properties;

  • What makes self storage investments owner friendly;

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[27:05 – 32:52] Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Getting fired

Digital Resource: Basecamp

Most Recommended Book: The Last Place on Earth

Daily Habit: Making his bed every morning.

#1 Insight for Self-storage Investing: Storage performs great in uptimes and downtimes.

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Philadelphia: 333 Belrose

Contact Tom:

To learn more and download the free e-book; go to Tom’s website or find him on Linkedin.

Tweetable Quotes:

“Good times, bad times… Storage is pretty darn steady!" - Tom Dunkel

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