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What HGTV Won’t Show You About Real Estate Investing with Chiagozie Fawole

HGTV has inspired quite a few real estate ambitions. It’s no surprise that many get inspired by the magical renovations and reveals on shows like The Property Brothers, Fixer Upper, and Flip or Flop. And that’s exactly what sparked Chiagozie Fawole, a full-time physician, to launch a side hustle as a real estate investor.

She started with a flip project, which Chiagozie now refers to as the best real estate education she ever received. Spoiler alert: it was not as glamorous as the experience she witnessed on TV. She learned from that experience and built a portfolio that includes a 12-unit building where she raised capital from investors. She had to overcome a lack of experience when reaching out to investors and gives advice on how others can do the same.

Chiagozie is a physician by trade living in Syracuse, New York. She created the Savvy Docs platform to teach other medical professionals how to invest in real estate on the side. She shines a light on the parts of investing that reality TV tends to leave out. While she was hesitant to launch her program but realized she was uniquely qualified to help people who experienced similar challenges. In this episode, she shares how to invest on the side, some of the mistakes she made starting out, and key wins from helping others get started with investing.

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Key Insights on Multifamily Investing as a Side-Hustle

  • Physician by trade who watched Flip or Flop and saw the money to be made in real estate

  • How Chiagozie got started in Real Estate

  • Why her first flip was the best real estate education she ever received

Your first deal will teach you what books won’t
  • Raising capital and closing for her first 12-unit deal

  • Analyzing an exit strategy

  • The steps to take when your property is impacted by fire and dealing with insurance claims

  • Lessons learned when trying to raise rents

  • Savvy Docs: Helping other doctors invest in real estate

I have to remind myself that I was able to purchase a 12-unit apartment complex with $900 out-of-pocket
  • Helping a newbie get to the point of investing in 9-units with great cash flow

  • Advice for anyone who wants to become a paid coach or mentor

  • Working with prospective coaching client objections

  • Understanding the Syracuse, NY market

You can spend your money on actual education or painful education.

Bullseye Round:

Apparent Failure:

During med school, I wanted to be a neurosurgery resident but didn’t make it. Not getting in allowed me the mental space to do other things in my life, like real estate.

Digital Resource:

Most Recommended Book:

Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It (Chris Voss)

Daily Habit:

Praying in the morning

Wish I Knew When I Was Starting Out:

Trust what I know

Curious About:

How to stay focused on my goals

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Syracuse, NY

Kirby’s Tap House

Contact Chiagozie:


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