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Triple Net Lease Opportunity with Dan Lewkowicz

Today’s guest is Dan Lewkowicz, a seasoned real estate veteran with over 15 years of experience in many facets of real estate. He is a former business development executive for Amazon in Detroit. Currently, Dan is the Director of Investment Sales at Encore Real Estate Investment Services and specializes in shopping centers, medical office buildings, industrial fulfillment centers, quick service restaurants, and automotive repair and parts stores.

Let’s listen to Dan to learn more about triple net lease opportunities. LISTEN HERE:

[00:01 – 07:10] Opening Segment

  • Dan shares his career journey in corporate and real estate.

  • The landscape of the commercial real estate.

  • Dan shares some advice for people wanting to get in the commercial real estate lane.

[07:11 – 22:07] Triple Net Lease Opportunity

  • The ideal profile for Net Lease Investor.

  • The downside to the triple Net Lease Deal.

  • What it takes to get on the list of the triple, he transacts

  • Why Net Lease becomes an attractive place to put capital.

  • Different layers of Net Lease.

    • The absolute Triple Net Lease

    • Double net lease.

    • Gross net lease

  • Triple net lease reimbursement

  • If you are interested in multifamily and want to review a sample deal, check out our special download of a sample deal package on, and join our mailing list to get tips on exclusive investment opportunities.

[22:08 – 39:36] The Affecting Factors of Triple Net Lease Deal

  • How to determine the valuation and cap rate of Net Lease

  • Rent to sell ratio and rental reduction

  • How Dan evaluates the risk of the retail landscape and seeing in the space

  • The shift of retail exchange that is affecting the industrial sector

  • The aspects to keep in mind on underwriting the deals

  • How to connect with Dan

    • See links below.

[39:37 – 46:24] The Bull’s eye round

  • Apparent Failure:

    • Saying yes to too many things and not narrowing down his focus

  • Digital Resource:


  • Most Recommended Book:

    • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

    • The One Thing by Gary Keller

    • Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini

  • Daily Habit:

    • Constantly visualizing his goals and success every morning.

  • Current Curiosity:

    • Syndication

  • Wish I Knew When I Was Starting:

    • The Power of being focused on one thing

  • Best Place to Grab a Bite in Michigan

    • Streetside seafood in Birmingham

    • Prime and Proper in Detroit

  • How to connect with Dan.

    • See links below

  • Final words from me

Tweetable Quotes:

“Net lease represents the safe haven for capital.” – Dan Lewkowicz

“Narrow your focus to one thing, so you have complete control and master something before expanding.” – Dan Lewkowicz

“In the triple net lease, it is so important to have a great broker.” – Dan Lewkowicz

You can connect with Dan on LinkedIn; you can also call or text him at 248 943 2838.

Check out his CRE PRO course at

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