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The Lead Generation Strategy You Haven't Considered for Off-Market Deals with Chris Arnold

When looking for off-market real estate deals, many wholesalers and real estate investors turn to various marketing strategies. Direct mail, online marketing, and bandit signs are some of the most popular strategies but there’s one surprising strategy that has phenomenal reach and virtually no competition from other investors - radio. Yes, radio may feel a bit antiquated, but according to Chris Arnold, most real estate owners are over 50 years old and still listen to the radio.

Radio advertising provides high-quality leads, as the people who take action and call you are serious about doing a deal. And since most investors are using the other strategies where they are less qualified or serious about doing a deal, it could be more efficient for you and your team.

Chris is the owner of Wholesaling Inc and the creator of the REI Radio program. He works with clients to get 100 ads per month, per station for about $1,000 to $2,000 per month. Chris shares tips on leveraging radio to find real estate deals, how he runs his business from the Caribbean, and why he launched his Multipliers Brotherhood.

Insights on Using Radio Advertising to Find Off-Market Deals

  • Building an MREA brokerage, wholesaling, fix/flip (on a virtual platform), and live in the Caribbean full time.

Radio: The marketing channel that everyone knows but doesn’t use.
  • Your target audience is over the age of 50, and those people listen to the radio

  • Understanding your target market audience and where you can reach them with marketing

  • What gives radio an advantage over TV and newspaper

My students can start out in radio advertising with 100 ads per month and are paying $1,000 to $2,000 a month
  • How most start advertising on radio vs. Chris’ teams approach

  • The dos and don’ts in radio advertising messaging (1. Use your own voice and record yourself. 2. Ads should focus on hitting all pain points that you can rectify)

  • The benefits of radio advertising vs. direct mail

Radio is a much lower call volume but generates high-quality leads that are captured live.
  • How many calls (leads) you expect from a radio ad

  • A true story on the power of radio messaging

  • Creating a real estate deal flow for the most profit

If you want to be profitable off your marketing, you have to develop multiple strategies
  • The first thing you should do to increase your deal flow

  • Explaining RVMing and how it works

  • What you can do with a $1,000 marketing budget

  • The business systems that Chris uses in running a virtual team and business

  • The 4 disciplines of the execution of sales (4DX)

  • What Multipliers The Brotherhood is all about (helping men be their best in all aspects of life)

Men at a high level are not failing because of lack of strategy, they’re imploding because of something that's going on inside them.

Bullseye Round

Apparent Failure:

I was never taught financial literacy, and instead of making 6-figures on my first deal, I maxed out my credit cards. This led me to dig in and learn how finances work, so I never made that mistake again.

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Blinkist (cliff notes on books and podcasts)

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Daily Habit:

Spend 10 minutes on my yearly goals (personal, spiritual, and professional) which I write out every year

Wish I Knew When I Was Starting Out:

Coaching and community

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