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The #1 Tool to Stand Out and Build Instant Credibility with Max Keller

According to a 2020 study by Hinge Marketing, writing a book is the #1 tool to stand out, build credibility, and increase your personal branding. It has a greater impact than speaking, podcasting, blogging, or social media. The challenge for most would-be authors is a perceived gap in credibility and expertise to write a book. And even if they had the credibility, the time commitment is another major hurdle. But Max Keller works with real estate entrepreneurs to help overcome these two challenges to launch books as a marketing tool.

Max is a real estate investor, bestselling author, and highly sought after consultant, speaker, and expert panelist on the topic of lead generation and marketing for real estate investors. In just a few short years Max went from being a full-time high school Math Teacher to flipping over 100 houses. Max’s unique marketing approach landed him onstage with Robert Kiyosaki being presented with the 2019 Industry Innovator of the Year Award.

Max helps ordinary investors to transform into trusted experts in the eyes of motivated sellers and private lenders. He shares why you do not need to have a long track record or excellent writing skills to write a book. He also shares why he prefers writing a book over starting a blog. Whether you want to build your personal brand to improve your visibility, drive more sales, or raise more money, learn more about how writing a book can elevate your success.

Listen Here:

Writing a Book as a Tool for Personal Branding

  • From math teacher and part-time real estate investor to full-time investor, author, and speaker

  • Max’s strategy in developing a fresh marketing approach after his ROI on ad spend was going down

  • The three things that were important in revitalizing his real estate investment business

  • How Max found his investing niche

My problem wasn’t my list, it was my messaging that I needed to change.
  • Investing in senior housing

  • The benefits of picking a real estate investing niche

  • Understanding the needs of senior homeowners

  • The number one thing seniors look for when working with someone: Trust!

  • How Max was inspired to write his book

I started giving out my book as my business card, and it was a great marketing tool.
  • Lessons learned in lead generation

  • Why a book is a better marketing tool than a blog

It’s easier to write a book first because you have all the content you need for the rest of your career.
  • The real estate investor book writing checklist for DIY and ROI investors

  • Don’t think you’re enough of an expert to write a book? Think again!

It’s not about being an expert, it’s about being an educator and helping people.
  • Two ways to convert leads: hunting and trapping. Which one suits you?

  • Max’s publishing company and how he helps others write books

  • The number one thing you need to write a successful book: Bringing value to readers

  • How writing a book can attract motivated sellers and private money lenders

  • How to use your book in your marketing strategy

  • Working a pre-sell strategy

Create your authority and your credibility so that it proceeds your pitch.

Bullseye Round:

Apparent Failure: I wanted to cast a wide net to go big, but when I went hyper-local and niche, it was more profitable.

Digital Resource:

Most Recommended Book:

Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World (Cal Newport)

Wish I Knew When I Was Starting Out:

I wish I knew I was dyslexic sooner, so I could have read more at an earlier age.

Daily Habit:

Review the day: Review what to keep, what to change and what to delete.

Curious About:

Digital Marketing (omnipresence)

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Dallas Ft. Worth

Any barbeque place in Dallas

Contact Max:


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