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Social Media for Real Estate Professionals with Ed Stulak

Ed Stulak is a New Jersey Licensed Realtor, social media shark, and brand strategist to over 80,000 followers worldwide and growing. Through developing his online popularity, he has shared the stage with names like Ryan Serhant, James Harris, Ricky Carruth, Brad Lea and several other business leaders. Named top digital industry hustler to watch by Realtor Magazine, today, Ed trains real estate agents globally on how to scale a personal brand & an online presence that matters. We talked to Ed about how he grew his business through the power of social media, the importance of building a personal brand, and the content posting strategies that he follows. LISTEN HERE:

Announcement: Download Our Sample Deal and Join Our Mailing List [00:01 – 04:17] Opening Segment

  • Ed talks about his background.

  • He talks about how he helped other personalities grow their brand before getting into real estate.

  • How he got a one million dollar lead on Instagram.

  • What led him to teach realtors how to approach social media.

[04:17 – 12:05] The Power of Social Media

  • Ed talks about lead generation through social media.

  • Why social media is a proven method to see success when it comes to generating leads.

  • How to turn social media followers into customers.

  • Some of the things real estate professionals do wrong on social media.

  • The importance of building up a conversation.

[12:05 – 30:12] Personal Branding

  • Ed talks about the importance of building a personal brand.

  • What he did when he started out.

  • He talks about the deal he made through social media.

  • Ed breaks down some of the posting strategies that you can follow.

  • How Ed comes up with ideas for creating content.

[30:12 – 34:28] Round of Insights Apparent Failure: The hockey injury that he suffered Digital Resource: Canva Most Recommended Book: The 4-Hour Workweek Daily Habit: Connecting with his followers #1 Insight for Winning with Social Media: Build relationships with followers you already have. Best Place to Grab a Bite in New Jersey: Fu Sha Sushi Shop Contact Ed: Go to Ed’s website to find out more about his course on how to get started with your social media presence. You can reach out to Ed on his Instagram, Linkedin. Tweetable Quotes: “Do you want to continue chasing business all your life or do you want the business to chase you?.” - Ed Stulak “Own the hell out of your brand. Whatever it is, run with it.” - Ed Stulak Thank you for joining us for another great episode! If you're enjoying the show, please LEAVE A RATING OR REVIEW, and be sure to hit that subscribe button so you do not miss an episode.


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