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Managing Risk, Evaluating Coaches with Henry Daas

Henry Daas is a serial entrepreneur, business coach, screenwriter, and self-described 'ordinary guy', and now a personal finance coach!

Born in Brooklyn at the tail end of the Eisenhower years, he has lived his entire life in and around NYC. He has lived his life in and around money, as well - from cutting lawns as a kid to managing a stock portfolio as an adult. And everything in between.

He built his consulting business, Daasknowledge, to help provide professional coaching for entrepreneurs & business owners of companies with top-line sales under $10M. His debut book, FQ: Financial Intelligence is the culmination of his six decades of financial knowledge and experience.

Let’s dive in to learn more about coaching with Henry. LISTEN HERE:

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[00:01 – 05:30] Opening Segment

  • Henry talks about his background.

  • How his course turned into a book

  • Financial Literacy

[04:55 – 19:50] Financial Literacy and Risk

  • The mistakes people make with financial literacy

  • Why you should educate yourself while investing

  • Understanding the level of risk

  • Understanding where the value is and what is driving that value

  • Discussion on risk assessment

  • The time you should spend thinking about your finances

[19:50 – 35:11] Coaching and Storytelling

  • Why do you need a coach to reach a higher level of success

  • Why other resources might not be enough at some point

  • Questions people should ask while hiring a coach.

  • What is judgment free awareness

  • Henry’s special offer for the listeners

Link below.

  • The importance of storytelling

  • What helps connect and drive a great story

[35:11 – 43:06] Bullseye Round

Apparent Failure:

Having a falling out with his partner.

Digital Resource:

Schedule Once

Most Recommended Book:

Daily Habit:

Doing his market homework.

Best Place to Grab a Bite in New York

Eleven Madison Park

Contact Henry:

To book a month of free coaching sessions over the course of four weeks go to:

Tweetable Quotes:

“Something’s wrong. I may not know what it is but I need a coach to look at me and tell me what it is” - Henry Daas

“Show it, don’t tell it.” - Henry Daas

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