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How to Increase Social Media Engagement with Oscar and German Buendia

German and Oscar were both serving in the military, but only recently began investing in multifamily. Sparked by a family scare while deployed, Oscar and German decided to build up a multifamily portfolio to provide some flexibility. After overcoming limiting beliefs, they built relationships online to do their first deal in Ohio.

The REI Brothers developed a strong engagement on social media and caught the attention of many. They figured out that there are specific tactics to drive reach and engagement without having a huge audience following you. Oscar and German share their journey from being enlisted investors to growing their GoodDay Capital firm, how they work with property managers, and tips to drive engagement on social media.

Key Multifamily + Marketing Insights

  • Their journey into fix and flips while still serving in the Marine Corps and Air Force

  • Transitioning into multifamily for more passive income and time with family

  • Oscar & German’s first multifamily deal through meetups in Ohio

  • Crushing limiting beliefs by realizing they were underestimating their buying power

You don’t have to start small, it’s actually easier to start with bigger multifamily deals.
  • How to successfully manage a multifamily portfolio from out of state

  • Using Facebook groups to generate leads

  • Taking advantage of an undermanaged portfolio while helping the seller

  • Negotiating a low appraisal

  • Tips on how to find a good property manager (remember, you get what you pay for)

  • The secret hashtag strategy to drive engagement

  • Social media marketing tips: Working with algorithms and engaging with other people's content makes a significant difference

Bullseye Tips:

Apparent Failure:

Starting in fix and flips, they soon realized that was not their niche.

Digital Resource:

Podblade (podcast editing)

Hashtag Expert (for Instagram)

Anchor (podcasting)

Most Recommended Book:

Daniel Harkavy)

Daily Habit:



Wish I Knew When I Was Starting Out:

The importance and value of networking

Current Curiosity:

What next year will bring after COVID19

What we can control and where we are going

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Colorado Springs:

Joey’s Pizza

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Los Angeles:

Gin Sushi

Contact Oscar & German:


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