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How to Create a Mastermind for Multifamily with Reed Goossens, Episode 191

With no investing experience, no credit, and limited funds, Reed Goossens left his home in Australia and moved to the US in 2012. He started with a duplex in upstate NY, before moving into larger apartments. To make the leap, he surrounded himself with mentors, peers, and partners, to refine and shape his approach. Reed is the Managing Partner of Wildhorn Capital, controlling over $175 million in apartments. Reed is also the author of two best-selling books and host of the Investing in the US podcast.

In this episode, Reed shares how he got his start and the challenges he overcame as an Australian investing in US real estate. He shares how mastermind groups have been vital to his growth as an investor and provides tips for anyone looking to create their own group. Reed also shares how to get started in apartment syndication and how he and his partner built a successful business with 1,700 doors under management.

Key Insights

  • Reed’s north star to financial freedom

  • Investing in the US: The Ultimate Guide to Investing Real Estate: Recreating content from a podcast

  • The steps to take to invest in United States real estate as a non-US citizen

  • Understanding foreign exchange risk

  • How his latest book 10,000 Miles to the American Dream was born from a mastermind with his Australian and US investor colleagues

  • Benefits of being in a mastermind

  • How to structure a mastermind to drive your success

  • What not to do when starting a mastermind

  • 1st step in getting started in syndication investing: Build your credibility

  • Building systems to create your own syndication deals

  • Getting boots on the ground: Working with brokers

  • Finding a partner with a complementary skill set and a different perspective to scale your business

  • How to build and reach sustained growth

  • Reed’s vision for his company, Wildhorn Capital, and how he’s going to make it happen

  • Learning from the current environment to create the best business practices in the future

Bullseye Tips:

Apparent Failure:

First deal was an education in section 8 housing

Digital/Mobile Resource:



Most Recommended Book:

Key Person of Influence (Daniel Priestley)

24 Assets (Daniel Priestley)

Daily Habit:

Turning his phone off at 8:30 pm until 8:00 am the next day

Wish I Knew When I Was Starting Out:

Back yourself; everything will work out

Wish I Knew 12 Months Ago:

How uncertain life and the economy can be

Current Curiosity:

How to take his life to the next level

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Venice, California

Rose Cafe

Contact Reed:


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