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How a Newbie Raised $6 Million in 30 Days with Josh Ferrari

Raising money for real estate can be daunting for many investors, especially when you are a newbie. How do you get people to trust you when you have no track record or credibility as an investor? These were the challenges facing Josh Ferrari when he went from a newbie to raising millions in just 30 days. apartment investor by raising $6 million in 30 days.

Josh is based in Mobile, Alabama, and has a background in aerospace. His first real estate deal was a house-hack, where he lived at the property and handled all of the renovations. He learned from that experience to scale up into commercial apartments. That deal faced multiple challenges, but raising capital was not one of them. In fact, even though he was new to the space, he managed to raise $6 million from his network.

Josh shares how he was able to raise so much money as a newbie investor with actionable tips that any investor can employ. He also covers the challenges he faced getting started as a newbie investor. He also highlights the Mobile market and why he sees opportunities there going forward.

Listen Here:

Insights to Raise Millions as a Newbie Investor

  • Using podcasts, real estate meetups and a mentor to learn about multifamily real estate investing

  • House hacking (living in one of the units) and syndicating his first 4-unit property investment

The “syndication” portion of my first multifamily deal was from my parents and my brother-in-law.
  • Understanding FHA 203K loan restrictions and how it can affect your investment

  • The process and impact of firing contractors that tripled their timeline and doubled the budget.

  • How Josh finally closed on a 42-Unit multifamily syndication deal that was hit by two hurricanes

  • Working with brokers as a newbie in multifamily investing

When I asked brokers what I could do to beat my competition, as a newbie multifamily investor, their advice was to live in the market I was investing in.
  • The criteria Josh looks for in a good multifamily deal

  • The benefits of investing in the Mobile Alabama real estate market

  • The biggest challenge to raising capital as a newbie

  • Working with partners who have more experience and success

  • The power of Facebook live videos

  • How Josh was able to raise $6 million in 30 days during a money-raising challenge

I found that raising capital wasn’t difficult, you just had to be genuine and have the investors best interests in mind.
  • How to get and work referrals to raise capital

Bullseye Round

Apparent Failure: My first 4-unit wasn’t a success in my eyes, as I didn’t get what I wanted for my investors. But the experience and getting my feet wet in multifamily was priceless.

Digital Resource:

Hootsuite (social media marketing scheduler)

Most Recommended Book:

Extreme Ownership (Jocko Willink)

Daily Habit:

90-Day Intention Journal & Miracle Morning

Current Curiosity:

The COVID vaccine

Wish I Knew When I Was Starting Out:

Raising money is easy, because it’s all about relationships

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Mobile, Alabama:

Osman’s Restaurant

Get in Touch with Josh:

@ferraricapital (IG)


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