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Growing Your Digital Network with Bill Bice, Episode 189

Marketers have a saying that 50% of marketing doesn’t work. The problem is, most marketers don’t know which 50% it is. This challenge sparked entrepreneur, Bill Bice to leverage data and proven strategies to drive marketing success. He founded Boomtime to help others with their marketing challenges. One of those challenges is to leverage social media to drive relationships.

In this episode, Bill shares the most common mistakes marketers make, how to leverage word of mouth marketing, why LinkedIn is the best social media platform for investors and working with investor capital. Be sure to check out his free marketing playbook!

Key Insight

  • How building and selling a software business led to the opportunity to start Boomtime

  • Developing a sound marketing campaign using data to understand what generates engagement

  • The difference between data and insights which are the key data points that are going to drive success

  • How to identify insights within your data and create engagement

  • The three primary channels to use for successful B2B marketing: Website which is the focus point, email marketing is what drives the behavior and LinkedIn for prospects

  • How to use LinkedIn for B2B marketing and why it’s important to your business

  • Insight-driven, thought leadership approach to marketing

  • Tips on how to formulate the three main focal points which will enable you to scale and strengthen your connections on LinkedIn: Headline, common connections, and the message that you send

  • Why LinkedIn is better for networking and marketing than Facebook in some instances

  • The best marketing you can do: Giving the most valuable insight you have and giving it away for free

  • B2B Marketing Playbook strategy

  • The B2B Marketing Podcast: Podcasting is the perfect example of good marketing, a consistent flow of insightful content

  • Advice to business owners: Find a good content creator who can provide a flow of content you can use for marketing

  • How to overcome the challenges of building a large business

  • Advice to entrepreneurs on how to grow their business efficiently

  • Tips on vetting a business partner to scale your business

  • Don’t make these mistakes in your marketing strategy

  • How to stand out to your target audience through social media marketing

  • Venture Capital: Bootstrapping vs. raising money

Bullseye Tips:

Apparent Failure:

Thinking he knew what he was doing vs. doing things the right way

Digital/Mobile Resource:

The Growth Hackers Community

Most Recommended Book:

The Infinite Game - Simon Sinek

Daily Habit:

Meditation (he makes better decisions if he meditates every day)

What Wish I Knew 2 Months Ago:

Sell all my stock

Current Curiosity:

The trends that are going to accelerate because of COVID-19

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Santa Fe, New Mexico:

The Shed

Connect with Bill Bice


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