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Does Your Apartment Investment Have Insurance Gaps with Jeremy Goodrich

How many times have you watched those insurance commercials and asked yourself about your own coverage? Do you know what happens in case of an emergency? Will your policy cover the loss of rent and the cost to rebuild your apartment investment if necessary? If you don’t know, you’re in the majority. In fact, 80% of investors are not properly insured according to Jeremy Goodrich.

Jeremy helps investors protect their commercial real estate and apartment investments. Surprisingly, he says that 4 out of 5 investors he speaks with are not properly insured. While most investors treat insurance as the last item, this could be a huge mistake if you do not understand your coverage options.

Jeremy is one of the principals of Shine Insurance and host of the REI Clarity podcast. He appeared on the show to educate investors on protecting their investments. He helps break down the important aspects of insurance, discusses the difference between being on your team and not just a vendor, and shares a guide for real estate insurance.

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Key Insights on Commercial Real Estate Insurance Coverage

  • How Jeremy started an insurance agency that would educate clients

  • Why insurance is an important member of your team

  • Insurance as an investing strategy

Your mindset about insurance needs to shift to the understanding that it’s key to protecting those assets you worked so hard to build.
  • Insurance 101

  • Understanding the 3 tiers of insurance: Standard, non-standard and non-admitted

  • What you should be looking for in an insurance company and agent

The number of insurance companies willing to insure large habitational risks (apartments) is shrinking
  • The importance of having an independent insurance agent

  • Why it’s getting harder to insure multifamily properties

  • The ebbs and flows of insurance rates

The insurance cost for a small multifamily investor will be much higher than an investor with tens of thousands of units.
  • Breaking down the four main pieces of an insurance policy: Building coverage, business personal property coverage, loss of income coverage, and liability coverage

  • How to figure out what is covered and not covered in an insurance policy

  • There are two kinds of insurance companies: Those that look for coverage for you, and those who try to avoid a payout.

  • The two most misunderstood factors in a multifamily insurance policy coverage

Make sure your insurance agent understands occupancy and how it works.
  • The three different insurance policies: Basic, Broad, and Special

  • When you should be consulting with your insurance agent

In bigger multifamily deals, connect your lender with the insurance agent, and let them figure it out.

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Diving into the multifamily world is hard to do as an insurance agent, and I fell on my face a couple of times, but that’s necessary to learn.

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I’ve tried hard not to think about all the things I wish I knew then because I learned so much.

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