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Defying the Odds with Former NFL Player and Survivor Contestant Alan Ball

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Alan began defying the odds at a very young age. After graduating from St. Martin de Porres High School, Alan received a full scholarship to the University of Illinois, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts in communication. Shortly after he was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the 7th round of the 2007 NFL draft. Alan, an undersized cornerback, spent much of his rookie year on the practice squad but continued to defy the odds. In 2016, after a successful 9 year career in the NFL, Alan retired and decided to embark upon his real estate journey.

In 2017 he started his own real estate development company, Next Phase Investments, which provides affordable housing in distressed neighborhoods in his hometown of Detroit. We spoke to Alan about mentality, how and why he is making people homeowners, and the importance of following your passions. LISTEN HERE:

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[00:01 – 04:02] Opening Segment

  • Alan talks about his background.

  • He talks about his career in the NFL and his transition to real estate.

  • How you should look at roadblocks.

[04:02 – 15:20] Having Faith

  • The importance of having confidence in your abilities.

  • How you should look at roadblocks.

  • How he found his passion in real estate investing.

  • The importance of being financially aware.

  • Alan talks about his grind in the NFL.

[15:20 – 31:34] Making People Homeowners

  • Why he decided to build in the Detroit Market.

  • How he lowered his risk when investing in Detroit.

  • The reason why he wanted to make people homeowners.

  • He explains how he is making people homeowners.

  • What pushed him to find his “why”.

  • Alan gives some advice for those who are just starting out.

  • He looks back on his experience in the show “Survivor”.

[31:34 – 38:04] Round of Insights

Apparent Failure:

A lender saying “no”

Digital Resource:


Most Recommended Book:

The Bible

Daily Habit:


#1 Insight for Investing:

Know your goals.

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Detroit:

Lou’s Delly

Contact Alan:

To reach out to Alan, send him an email.

Tweetable Quotes:

“The strength in the success of your mission - a lot of it comes from behind your true reason.” - Alan Ball

“Figure out a way to figure out what you are passionate about.” - Alan Ball

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