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21 Passive Investments, Infinite Insights with Lee Johnson

Lee is a results-driven Technology Executive with broad experience across several vertical industries including Retail, Consumer Goods, Resources, and High Tech. He is an active real estate investor and along with his wife, he founded Value Investment Partners. They have a mission of helping others build wealth through passive real estate investing. Lee has experience as a Limited Partner in apartment deals, along with being a General Partner. His portfolio has a combined market value of $328 million and a little over 2,950 units across the U.S. He works with other investors to share the benefits and wealth-building opportunities passive investing brings.


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[00:01 – 03:45] Opening Segment

  • Lee talks about his background.

  • How he got started with fix and flips and why he switched to multifamily

  • Why he decided to educate others and host a meetup in Virginia

[03:45 – 15:30] This is the Way - Syndication

  • Lee talks about his first deal through a platform and his first deal through syndication.

  • The differences between investing through a platform and through a syndication

  • Why real estate investing is heavily driven by relationships

  • Downsides of investing through a platform

  • Why investing through a platform is not transparent.

  • The credibility of syndication deals

[15:30 – 27:25] Self Directed IRA

  • How Lee took his 401K funds and transitioned them to invest in deals.

  • In what conditions you should use a self-directed IRA

  • Must haves in deal for Lee

  • What to look for when investing in an area

  • The importance of “Pref Return” in deal.

  • Lee talks about the meetup event that he does

  • Contact Lee

Links below

[27:25 – 35:38] Bullseye Round

Apparent Failure:

Investing with family

Digital Resource:

REI Black Book

Most Recommended Book:

Daily Habit:


Best Place to Grab a Bite in Northern Virginia

China Village

Contact Lee:

Find Lee at his website

For more on self-directed IRA go to this website

Tweetable Quotes:

“When things aren’t going so well, you really learn who people are.” - Lee Johnson

“You have to dust yourself off, figure out what it is that you should have learned, take that lesson and move forward” - Lee Johnson

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