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How to Level Up and WIN with Daniel Holmlund, Episode 172

Daniel Holmlund wanted to earn while he learned about multifamily investing. To do this, he found a group doing apartment deals in Houston and started out as a passive investor before joining them as a general partner. He focused on educating others on multifamily real estate, creating an educational investment group at his job and the Wilamete Investor Network (W.I.N.) meetup for people in his area. In this episode, he talks about transitioning from limited partner to general partner, hiring a mentor, and launching a meetups and groups for other investors.

Key Insights

  • Started investing in 2002 in SFR, began investing in multifamily in 2016

  • Began as an LP investor with a group in Houston and then joined the GP side

  • Likes the control of real estate over stocks

  • Ask what types of properties operators are seeking, understand their criteria, and what they look for in due diligence

  • Created a mutually beneficial mentor/mentee relationship

  • Mentor has two roles: education and feedback

  • Hosts an investment group at his place of employment, Intel

  • How to start a club at your job: ask HR if outside interest clubs are allowed, tell them what you are doing (education, not investing), work on it during off-hours

  • Developed the Wilamete Investors Network to help professionals learn how to invest in real estate

  • Focused on finding good operators in good markets where you have a personal relationship - people you can call

Bull’s Eye Tips:

Apparent Failure:

Meetup going from 15 people to 3 people in the second month

Most Recommended Book:

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Most Recommended Digital/Mobile Resource:

Daily Habit:


Wish I Knew When I Was Starting Out:

How powerful it is to work with teams

Current Curiosity:

Meeting people doing incredible things

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Portland area:

Connect with Daniel:



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