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Marketing Success through Passion and Gratitude with Ryan Holtz, Episode 167

Ryan Holtz is a multi-faceted personality. As an investor, entrepreneur, marketer, DJ, Father and Husband, he plays many roles and uses his time effectively. He lost his mom as a young teen, but the drive and spirit she instilled in him powered him to entrepreneurial success. He has helped many companies develop sound social media and marketing strategies and launched Ryan Holtz Marketing, a creative and media agency. In this episode, he talks about his motivation, the key questions you need to answer when marketing, and how to leverage social media to drive results.

Key Insights

  • Grew up with a single mom who passed when he was 13 years old

  • He channeled his energy and emotions into football

  • Taught himself how to cut his own hair to save money on haircuts – saved $5,000 from 13 – 18 years old; used the funds to invest in his real estate

  • School curriculum did not match the needed real-world skills

  • Wears multiple hats as a Entrepreneur, Investor, DJ, Marketer, Podcaster, Dad, and Husband

  • Landlord Tip: Gives rent discounts and gift baskets each December

  • Took a job at a Ford dealership and managed their social media

  • Launched the “Share Your Story” campaign to support other local businesses and give away a car – received over 1 million votes – Ford HQ did a case study on the program

  • Twitter wrote a case study and Ryan leveraged that to get dealer clients and speaking opportunities

  • The cost of failure is nowhere near the cost of not trying

  • Marketing is all about what you can do for your audience

  • Who needs your product or service and why you?

  • Figure out who you want to talk to and which social media platforms to use

Bull’s Eye Tips:

Apparent Failure:

His mother’s passing

Most Recommended Book:

Laws of Human Nature by Robert Green

Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holliday

The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk

Most Recommended Digital/Mobile Resource:

Evernote and Google Drive

Daily Habit:

Staying home and spending time with the family

Current Curiosity:

How humans waste time

Best Place to Grab a Bite:

Connect with Ryan:


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