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Selling Through Story with Kyle Gray, Episode 159

Combining timeless storytelling with cutting edge marketing, Kyle Gray created The Story Engine to help brilliant professionals convey their message more effectively. He has helped dozens of startups and small businesses succeed in content marketing.

Kyle says that emotion plays a large role in the decision making process and stories are they key for connecting through emotions. Listen in as we talk about how to do this without being sleazy or pushy to inform, educate and entertain an audience and ultimately sell through story.

Key Insights

  • Create and craft your story for where the audience is on their journey

  • The bigger the investment, the more emotional the decision

  • Logical brain is slow, but emotional brain is fast (gut-feeling)

  • 3 Things to Communicate When Telling a Story: Here’s why I’m just like you, here’s why I’m extraordinary and here’s why I care

  • Stories are not really about you - they are about your customer

  • Through story-telling you can share what you do, results you’ve driven, and programs you offer

  • Realized he had a thyroid problem - Hashimoto Disease and spent years seeking a solution

  • Met a physician who helped him relieve his pain and he helped her get clear on how to present the value of her services

  • Constructing and crafting your story can be authentic and maintain integrity

  • As a professional, you need to serve the people who need your help and charge your fair rate

  • When you are starting out in business, you just need a client

Bull’s Eye Tips:


Selling with Story by Kyle Gray

The Story Engine by Kyle Gray

Most Recommended Book:

Progression by Sebastian Marshall

Most Recommended Digital/Mobile Resource:

Bomb Bomb

Daily Habit:

Wim Hof Breathing

Apparent Failure:

Saw his health issues as a failure, but it provided gratitude and purpose

Wish I Knew When I Was Starting Out

Hiring team members would be able to help him elevate faster

Current Curiosity:

Connections between what he says in his mind and his physical health

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Salt Lake City:

The East Liberty Tap House

Connect with Kyle:


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