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The Resilience of an REI Mom with Anna Kelley, Episode 157

Anna Kelley was a financial relationship manager when she discovered the power of real estate investing to create wealth. Anna began investing in real estate 20 years ago. She has purchased, renovated, sold, and managed millions of dollars in real estate across numerous asset classes, and has developed a keen sense for the risks and rewards associated with various real estate investments.

In today’s episode she shares how becoming a mother sparked her drive for real estate, mistakes made along the way and her principles for investing.

Key Insights

  • Became a financial advisor but had no idea how to create wealth

  • Her wealthy clients told her they made more money in real estate than in her products

  • Saw flipping as an opportunity to create a new business and new lifestyle but ended up losing $10k on her first flip

  • Moved to Hershey, Pennsylvania to launch a chiropractor business

  • Purchased a mixed unit building with 90% leverage and 10% on a credit card from the lending bank in 2007

  • Be careful with debt, especially short term debt - only go into debt for assets that pay off liabilities

  • Invest your time and your personal money where you heart is, invest your business where your business is going to thrive in any economy

  • Looks to diversify her portfolio with active deals in Hershey and passive syndications in Atlanta, Houston, Irving and just outside of Chicago

  • Shares her story and info with other women to encourage them to get in the game and start building wealth

Bull’s Eye Tips:


Most Recommended Book:

Most Recommended Digital/Mobile Resource:


Daily Habit:

Prayers and Goals Review

Wish I Knew When I Was Starting Out:

Leverage other people’s time and money

Wish I Knew 12 Months Ago:

Investing in syndications can help you scale faster

Advice for Smart, Driven College Students:

Educate yourself on financial independence

Current Curiosity:

What will happen to operators chasing yield

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Houston:

Doneraki’s Mexican Restaurant

Connect with Anna:



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