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Building a Dream Multifamily Team with Whitney Sewell, Episode 121

Whitney Sewell began his investing career in 2009 and has since invested in 900 doors valued at over $120 million. He hosts a daily podcast, the Real Estate Syndication show. He also owns and operates Life Bridge Capital with a purpose of creating passive returns and using a portion of the profits to help families seeking adoption. Today, he shares more about his passion for adoption, his target market, and building a dream team that has allowed him to grow his portfolio and run a daily podcast.

Key Market Insights

  • Passionate about adoption but the process is a roller coaster and expensive

  • Cost is $40k-$60k to adopt a child

  • 50% of Life Bridge Capital’s profits go to helping adoption families

  • Real estate focus is on value-add multifamily

  • Target market is Colorado Springs, 100+ units, value-add properties

  • Seeking stable property 80-85% occupied, not seeking massive renovation

  • Value-add: raising rents, lowering expenses, management issues

  • Colorado Springs: Steady growth and diverse jobs

  • Had dinner a few nights in a row with his partner to get to know him

  • Liked what he heard about him outside of real estate – who he was as a partner

  • Had numerous Zoom calls with both wives to get to know each other

  • Building a strong team has allowed for the production of lots of content

  • What would Whitney change if he could start over: track all the steps and incorporate a task management system

  • Understand the cost involved to produce as many shows and understanding how VAs work and how to find the right VAs

Bull’s Eye Tips:

Winning Your Market: Know where the jobs are

Tracking Market Changes:, Google and broker reports

Daily Habit: Get up early


Best Business Books:

Best Ever Apartment Syndication by Joe Fairless and Theo Hicks

The Road Less Stupid by M. Scott Peck

Digital Resources:

Tweet This:

“What are your goals, what is your passion?”

“As a podcaster, it has helped me drastically and people learn about me and what’s important to me”

“Having a team makes it possible to do a daily podcast”

Places to Grab a Bite:

Longhorn Steakhouse - Roanoke, VA

Connect with Whitney:



Phone: 540-585-4338

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