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Highlights from the First 50 Episodes with Geetika Casmon

Last week’s episode marked the 50th episode of the Target Market Insights podcast. On this episode, Geetika Casmon, partner at Casmon Capital Group, joins John to recap some of the key learnings and top tips from the first 50 guests. They also explore lessons learned from launching the podcast, takeaways from the Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit and an update on their latest acquisition.

Key Market Insights

  • Why John decided to start the Target Market Insights podcast

  • What John would have done differently launching a podcast

  • Top guests and tips from the first 50 episodes

  • Using the podcast to educate investors on market research and marketing to find real estate deals and build a strong reputation

  • Geetika’s takeaways from the Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit

  • Lessons learned from key speakers like Joe Fairless, J Martin, Dave Van Horn and others

  • How John found an off-market multifamily deal in an out of state market

  • Where to find the best veggie burger in Chicago, according to Geetika

Resources Mentioned:

Places to Grab a Bite: Chicago Diner

Connect with Geetika:


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