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Buying Low and Avoiding Bubbles with Daniel Ameduri, Episode 49

After warning family and friends in 2007 about the coming market and mortgage collapse, Daniel Ameduri started his own YouTube channel, VisionVictory, which has received 10 million video views.

Not listening to his own advice, Daniel made a bad bet with Southern California's real estate market, which wiped out his entire income and savings, leaving him broke. With a special focus and passion for personal finance, he re-built his wealth and declared financial independence in 2012. Daniel is the co-founder of Future Money Trends and shares his best investing tips and how to grow a strong audience.

Key Market Insights

  • At 13, joined martial arts and had a mentor who was a real estate investor

  • “Want to be reach and not go to school” by robert kiyosaki

  • At 18, bought his first rental property in 2000 in Southern California, at the beginning of a bull market

  • Even small condos were going up in value by $10k month

  • 700 sq ft – Azusa for 100,000 sold it 2 and ½ years later for $278,000

  • Borrowed an agent’s commission as a down payment as an advance, refinanced to pay the broker back

  • In 2006, knocked on doors talking to people in foreclosure and the list was small, but the list started to grow and then became a thick packet

  • Realized the sub prime lenders were on the default list and knew something was about to crash

  • Started warning family and friends that a crash was coming, but was still investing trying to squeeze in last minute flips

  • Had a flip for $990k that ended up selling as a short sale for $550k

  • Was blessed that Google took over Youtube and made him one of the first partners

  • Started as a newsletter, which morphed into Future Money Trends

  • Opportunity to diversify into PureStreet - $1,000 on first trust lien

  • Stocks – like blue chip names like Disney and believes it’s virtually impossible to time the market

  • You’re always going to get your best value when you buy things that people don’t want

  • People say you have to buy low, but nobody wants to buy low

  • Focuses on buying homes with foundation issues that can be fixed for $3,800

  • Some native Texans are hurting as there are high property tax at 2-3.5%

  • However, a massive migration from California and NY in to Texas

  • Out of 11 of his kids friends, one is from Texas, one from Michigan and nine from California

  • Project he’s excited about: Land acquisition in California for the cannabis industry – Santa Veritas

  • Have the discipline to buy companies that are selling for less than their value

Bull’s Eye Tips:

Winning Your Market: For investing: Buy what is ugly, For an audience: Over deliver on providing great content

Tracking Market Changes: Watch traffic to website and goes opposite of what media says - “media is chasing the last story, not the next story”

Daily Habit: Read for an hour and then focus on gratitude


Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Best Business Books:

The Davis Dynasty by John Rothchild

Digital Resources

Tweet This:

“Don’t chase the bubble”

“You’re always going to get your best value when you buy things that people don’t want”

“People say you have to buy low, but nobody wants to buy low”

“There is always a solution somewhere”

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